My name is Marti, owner of Marti Aiken Photography and visual story teller. If this is the first time you're seeing my website, welcome! 

Speaking of being a story teller...

Shortly before I went full-time with my business in 2010, I served as the Healthy Lifestyles Director at an assisted living center. Though I had never heard her say a word, I got to know a woman in the alzheimer's unit through her facial expressions. During my time there, I was doing a lot of photography work, and was struggling to find the true purpose behind photographs and taking them. God was obviously opening doors for me to be a photographer, so there was definitely purpose in that, but I wanted a few more tangible reasons as to why it would be worth my efforts. I kept asking the question...."are photographs eternal? We can't take them with us when we die. What is the point?" So I began to ask God to show me why he was opening doors for me to pursue my business.

 One day, while in this woman's room in the memory care unit, I was looking at an enlarged photo of her and her husband taken on their wedding day. I gently asked who the handsome man was by her side. Immediately, her face lit up, her mouth turned into a big smile, and she verbalized both the first and last name of her husband, and told me that it was her wedding day! Tears dripped down my cheeks, and I knew that God was showing me the value of a print. This photograph sparked a wonderful memory for this woman, and allowed her to smile and speak! 

Since that moment and as my business has changed and grown, I can now tell you that I see MANY reasons as to why photography is important. I value the relationships that I build with clients. I value the fact that people trust me to document the moments in their lives, and I am so blessed to have the opportunity to help people remember their time on this Earth.

I am married to my best friend, Scotty Hwang, and we have a 2 year old Golden Poodle named Penny. Home right now is Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and we love traveling to just about anywhere when the opportunity presents itself.